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  1. Education: 61%, 29% male and 32% female.
  2. Literacy in Urban and rural areas is 70% and 30% respectively.
  3. Safe Drinking Water Access: 95.96%.
  4. Electricity availability: 80.96%.
  5. Main Towns: Layyah, Karor,Tibbi Khurd ,Choubara, Fatehpur, Chowk Azam, Ladhana, Siwag Sharif, Tail Indus, Dohri Adda, Pahar Pur and Kot Sultan
  6. Main Crops: Sugarcane, Wheat, Cotton, Gram and Guar Seed.
  7. Main Fruits: Mango, Watermelon, Melon, Citrus and Dates.
  8. Main Vegetables: Onion, Green Chili (70% of the whole production in Pakistan) and potatoes.
  9. Forest: 34,338 acres (139 km²)
  10. Total Metalled Roads: 869 km
  11. No. of Grid Stations: 7
  12. No. of Telephone Exchanges: 18
  13. Number of Industrial Units: 365
  14. Major Industries: Sugar Mill, Cotton Ginning & Pressing, Flour Mills and Oil Mills
  15. Total Population apprx. 13,00,000



1. Islamabad:       500 KM      2. Lahore:                 400 KM                     
3. Faisalabad:      250 KM      4. Jhang:                   130 KM                     
5. Multan:            160 KM.      6. Muzaffargarh      135 KM

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Map Of Layyah District

Important Contact Number Layyah


Hotel & Restaurants

Celebration: 0606 - 410703 | Gulbarg Hotel: 413078

Transportation & Bus Stands

Baloch Bus | Rana Jahanzaib |

District Hospital & Emergencies

Emergency D.H.Q: 0606 - 413738 | Rescue: 411933


NBP: 0606 - 411706 | HBL: 413732 | MCB: 413092

Rent a Car

Khan Rent a Car: 0606 - 413575 | 0300-8760428

Courier Services

TCS Courier : 0606 - 411500 | OCS Courier: 412910

Major Market Locations

College Road Layyah

Saddar Bazaar Layyah

Choubara Road Layyah

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Introduction Layyah City !

The town was founded around 1550 by Kamal Khan, a Mirani Balooch and a descendant of Ghazi Khan who laid foundation of Dera Ghazi Khan. Around 1610, the town was taken from the Mirani Rulers by the Jaskani Balochs, who held it until 1787. Abdun Nabi Sarai was appointed Governor by Timur Shah Durrani, but three years later it was included in the Governorship of Muhammad Khan Sadozai, who transferred his seat of Government to Mankera.
            In 1794, Humayun Shah, the rival claimant to the throne of Kabul, was captured near Leiah and brought into the town, where his eyes were put out by order of Zaman Shah. Under the Sikh Government, the town once more became the centre of administration for the neighbouring tract, and after the British occupation in 1849, was for a time the headquarters of a Civil Administrative Division. This administrative status of Layyah was short-lived and the British reduced it to the level of Tehsil headquarters, making it a part of Dera Ismail Khan.
            In 1901, Layyah was transferred to the new District of Mianwali. Later on, it was made part of the Muzzaffargarh District. In 1982, Layyah Tehsil was upgraded to District headquarters comprising three Tehsils: Layyah, Karor Lal Eisan and Chaubara. The municipality was created in 1875. The population, according to the 1998 census was 2 Million.  Per capita income during the ten years ending 1902-3 averaged Rs. 9,900, and expenditure Rs. 10,100. In 1903-4, the income was Rs. 10,600, chiefly derived from octroi, and the expenditure was Rs. 10,600.