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Business Forms, Legal Documents, Various Applications and Letters !

Business Planning and Management

Featured Documents:

Business Plans

General Administration

Project Management


Credit and Collection

Featured Documents:




Employment and Human Resource

Featured Documents:

Hiring Employees

Job Announcements

Managing and Motivating Employees

Policies and Documentation


Finance and Accounting

Featured Documents:


Buying and Selling of Shares

Financial Statements

Government Grants Programs


Invoices and Billing

Loans and Borrowing

Rising Capital


Internet and Technology

Featured Documents:

Advertisement and Marketing

Content and Copyright Agreements


Web Developments



Featured Documents:

Agreements and Contracts

Confidentiality Agreements

Copyright, Patent and Trademark



Leasing and Real State

Power Of Attorney


Operation and Logistic

Featured Documents:

Ordering and Receiving

Selling and Shipping

Vehicles and Equipments


Sales and Marketing

Featured Documents:

Agreements and Contracts

Bids and Proposals

Customer Service

Press and Public Relations

Purchase Orders and Price Quotes

Sales and Marketing Managements

Sales and Marketing Material

Sales Letters

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Business and trading information of Pakistan

Layyah Online is introducing Pakistan Business &Trading Information so we can get involved in national market & knowledge about trades and businesses.


Business plans and guideline

In this section you’ll learn, how to start, grow and develop a small or large business, what tools and techniques are involved.


National and international exhibitions

Date, Venue and conditions to attend exhibitions. Participate a National or International Exhibition; expand your market globally, quickly and easily.


National international market place

Find International markets, trade routes, trading opportunities, investment guideline, market innovations and inventions in this section.


Import and export information

Find about import and exports of Pakistan, need of international market, country wise demands & how to export or import goods.


Financial services, investments and returns

Find what financial services different institutions are serving, where to invest money and how to get fruitful returns. Find invest opportunities.



Publication regarding business, finance, marketing etc


Business communication

Ways to attract customers, techniques of business Communication

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Starting a Business:

Starting a business is hard. Sustaining a business is even harder.

Making this leap from promising startup to successful business is the true test for all entrepreneurs. The “X factor” here is early success. It is not uncommon to launch with a boom. Anything new is intriguing and usually worth trying, especially now in a socially-driven era of business. We have the exploding cloud-based marketplace (driving down costs and barriers to adoption), surge of free trials and demos and the all-important social endorsements of friends to thank for this (to say nothing of the “new, shiny-object” force). So,  if you are true to your offering, your launch will “stick” and business will grow. That initial surge of success is sweet. But a sour aftertaste looms close — business stagnation and decay.

Entitlement and complacency are the cause of this souring of success. Yes, success begets success, but it’s not magic. No one is granted endless prosperity merely because they started with a strong lead. Those who take their early success for granted are quickly dismayed by clients who don’t return and dwindling leads. Entrepreneurs who mange to avoid this quagmire share one behavior in common: they never relax their discipline

Business plan guidelines

Every business can benefit from the preparation of a carefully written business plan. The purpose of the business plan is to:

Help you think through the venture and ensure you have considered all your options and anticipated any potential difficulties.

Convince lenders and investors that you are in control of the project and that their money will be safe with you.

Serve as an operating guide as you turn your idea into a viable business.

Furnish a standard against which to judge future business decisions and results

Refining your business plan

The generic business plan outline should be modified to suit your specific type of business and the audience for which the plan is written.


Business Documents




Introduction To Some Business Websites:

This is Indian website, but this is a perfect website to sale and purchases goods & commodities.
It has a great numbers of Products, buyers and suppliers around the world and doing business with millions of companies.



Welcome to Business and Trade Section of Layyah Online !

Global Economic Prospects:

The world economy is mired in the most severe financial and economic crisis since the Great Depression, which continues to threaten the ability of many countries to confront issues such as poverty, hunger and disease. As the crisis deepened, the impact on developing countries became rapidly worse, particularly in terms of rising unemployment and a widening external financing gap. A sharp decline in international trade flows, a collapse in commodity prices, a drop in international tourism and a moderation in remittances have contributed to a significant deterioration in the current account balances of many developing countries.

A root cause of the financial and economic crisis was the weaknesses in the global governance system in identifying vulnerabilities in a timely manner and mobilizing international economic co-operation in reforming institutions, strengthening regulatory frameworks and macroeconomic co-ordination. These weaknesses need to be rapidly overcome in co-ordinating recovery policies. Events since August 2007 have exposed serious shortcomings in the international crisis response. Discussions on the systemic causes and responses to the crisis are taking place within the framework of the Financing for Development process which in Monterrey in 2002 called for a holistic approach to the interconnected national, international and systemic challenges of financing for development.

The global policy challenges brought upon by the food, financial and energy crises and global environmental problems highlight the importance of having timely, consistent and relevant data at all levels. The statisticians’ work has become far more important than ever before: to produce high quality and globally comparable statistical information that requires increased collaborative efforts in methodological development, capacity building and international cooperation.








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